Rock and Roll Night


Rock N Roll Entertainer


Join us on Friday 7th February 2020!

Starts from 7:30pm till late

Dance the night away with rock ‘n’ roll and jive classics

These will be held in a secluded area in our restaurant Restaurant

We have a wonderful range of refreshments including shakes, cocktails, mocktails & a fantastic gin & vodka menu….

Restaurant main area open from 5pm until 10pm as usual serving our full menu and specials (free to enter)

We will be holding a number of Rock’n’ Roll nights on the first Friday of the month, in a separate area to the back of our restaurant. Admission is £5 per person to dance night away – Tickets are available in advance or on entry.

Our first event in May 2019 was a fantastic success, 60+ guests filled the floor and danced the night away, even the staff were shown a couple of moves!

Our restaurant will be open from 5pm to 10pm on the day if food is needed, we also have some fantastic refreshments including shakes, cocktails and a fantastic gin menu.

Contact DJ Brian on 07899981852 or The Highfield 01274 611 111 for more info.